Reaction Vessels & Stirrers

1266 Reaction Vessels.

Cylindrical multi purpose reaction vessels are constructed
using strong flanges. This unique flange design offers
the user many advantages over other reaction vessels
currently available such as:

Flange design offers the option of effecting a seal with
an o-ring or by using grease. In the greased application,
the o-ring grrovge prevents grease from entering the
reaction vessel and causing possible contamination.
O-ring are available in silicone.

Easy to use, quick realese stainless steel clamp is
easy to install and firmly attaches the lid to the vessel.
Clamp design permits the kettel or lid portion of
the reaction apparatus to be ditached without
dismantling the entire.

All vessels and lids are constrcted using heavy
wall tubing and can be used in atmosphberic
conditions to 250 c and vaccum applications to 200 c.

Vessels and lids are available in three flange sizes ;
100mm and in cylindrical forms.

Jacketed kettles are equipped with didachable hose
connections to prevent injury from attaching or
ditaching flexible hose. Connections are available
in two sizes, 4 and 7 mm I.D

Capacity 2 L 17,800.00

capacity 5 L 38,000.00


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