Chromotography Standard Aparatus

X-62 Chromatography Apparatus

Cat. No. Components

2136 Buchner flask 100ml, 100mm X 10mm column with sinter and top, Reservoir 50ml Cone Adaptor, 4 X Joint Springs
2137 As per 2136 but with 200mm X 10mm column
2138 As per 2136 but with 300mm X 10mm column

X-632 Chromatography Apparatus, Medium Size

Cat. No. Components

2139 Buchner flask 250ml, Tap Adapter 200mm X 18mm column with sinter, Reduction Adapter, Reservoir 250ml 2 X Joint Springs
2140 As per 2139 but with 300mm X 18mm column
0222 As per 2139 but with 400mm X 10mm column


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